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It’s 2024, and the time has never been more right to pursue your calling as a dog trainer. At Ridgeside K9, we’re not just a training facility; we’re a gateway to your future success in the flourishing dog training industry.

Embark on a transformative journey with a program designed to redefine the art of dog training, meticulously crafted to fit your life’s rhythm and aspirations. This is not a course; it’s an intensive, immersive experience that promises to take you on a deep dive into the professional world of dog training, blending theory with hands-on, practical learning at its finest.

Transform your passion into expertise

Gain the knowledge you’ll need to succeed

Our program takes you on a comprehensive journey, starting from the very foundations of becoming a successful dog trainer, encompassing both pet and working dogs. With a strong focus on the psychology behind effective training methods, we delve deep into the ‘why’ that underlies successful training and provide strategies for tackling a wide array of complex challenges. Our program covers every aspect of behavior modification, leveraging the core principles of psychology to train, adapt, and reinforce desired behaviors.

Advanced Canine Behavior

You'll get training experience where you will have the expertise to teach fundamental obedience, off-leash commands, problem-solving, and behavior modification techniques. Our training covers a spectrum of tools and methods, including slip leads, pinch collars, e-collars, clickers, marker training, rewards, and corrections, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of training approaches.

Daily client interaction and exceptional customer service

You'll gain experience that will allow you to navigate the client-trainer relationship confidently. By participating in multiple turn-overs and go-homes alongside our full-time trainers, you'll gain invaluable insights into the entire process of pet dog training, from initial client contact to housing, training, and finally, returning the dog to the client.

Advanced Kennel Management

You'll learn crucial concepts such as proper ventilation, sanitation, kennel design, and meticulous record-keeping. Additionally, we provide practical instruction in stress reduction for kenneled dogs, designing new kennel facilities, and appropriately handling boarding dogs. This comprehensive training equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the field of dog training and kennel management.


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What Sets Our Program Apart?

Join us on this captivating journey to master the art of dog training, where your passion for dogs and desire to learn converge to create a rewarding, fulfilling career. Enroll today and unlock the door to professional excellence in dog training. Your path to becoming a dog training connoisseur starts here!

Customized Learning Journey

Whether you're stepping into the world of dog training for the first time or you're a seasoned trainer looking to refine your skills, our program offers a unique, tailor-made learning experience. We recognize that every student has a distinct set of goals, backgrounds, and learning paces. Therefore, we've designed our program to be flexible, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your individual needs and schedule.

For Every Aspiring Trainer

Whether exploring a newfound passion for dog training or aiming to elevate your existing skills to a professional level, our program welcomes all. We've crafted each learning experience to be enriching, ensuring you’ll find value, knowledge, and growth regardless of your starting point.

Practical, Hands-On Experience

Dive into the heart of professional dog training with an approach that emphasizes real-world practice paired with theoretical learning. Our program ensures you gain invaluable, hands-on experience, providing you with the confidence and skills to excel in the field. From understanding canine behavior to mastering training techniques, you'll learn by doing under the guidance of experienced professionals.

Building a Professional Network

Our shadow program offers a unique benefit: the opportunity to connect with a community of like-minded individuals and professionals in the dog training world. Networking is crucial for any career, and our program allows you to build relationships that can support your professional journey long after the program ends. Whether you're seeking mentorship, job opportunities, or simply forming friendships with peers who share your passion, the connections you make here can be invaluable.

Start a career that has an impact beyond training

"The experiences I've had, the dogs' lives I've helped save, and the opportunity to play a small role in improving the quality of so many people's lives with their companions, has had a profound impact on my own life and myself as a human."
- RSK9 Britney

“Every dog has different needs. I work hard to make sure I meet, adapt to the, and work as a team so you and your dog are confident in all life throws at you.”

- Caleb, RSK9MD Owner

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What to expect of your training experience at Ridgeside K9

During your time in our program, you’ll have full access to our spacious 30,000-square-foot facility, well-equipped classrooms, private kennels, and a refreshing doggy pool located in Winchester, VA. We also provide convenient accommodation options at a pet-friendly Marriott just across the street or at other preferred temporary living spots.

You will receive a professional training kit that includes essential equipment such as leashes, longlines, place cots and more. You’ll become part of our close-knit Ridgeside family, gaining access to lifelong support, mentorship, networking opportunities, and the chance to be an integral member of our enduring community.

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RSK9 Offers Customizable Programs & Flexible Financing Options

Each of our programs is carefully crafted for each student. Whether you're just starting out or looking to deepen your expertise in dog training, Ridgeside K9 offers a path tailored to your goals. Invest in your future and become a part of the next generation of leading dog trainers with our world-class education.